The Difference

Mark knows how extremely difficult it is to lose weight and get healthy. 


But he's helped guide hundreds of clients to finding solutions for those difficulties and has had tremendous success.


Because when you get proper guidance, support and a coach who truly honestly can't lose.

Mark has been teaching clear and defined health paths to clients for decades. His professional experience and several advanced training certifications all provide the expertise and experience necessary to ensure your safety and long term success.

When you hire Mark Avens to be your coach, you will:

1. Learn a proven method that has been used to help hundreds of clients lose weight, get in amazing shape and improve their overall health. You will completely understand how his coaching really works and why his program is the most seamless approach to keep you focused and on track.

2. See how this is not some cookie-cutter program. Mark carefully designs your custom plan so you will know exactly what to do and how to do it. No more guess work, no more wrong turns.

3. Apply what you learn, but still get to live your life. Sure you will have to make some sacrifices, and most likely need to change a few lifestyle habits along the way, but there needs to be balance to enjoy parties, holidays, and vacations too. Mark will help you find balance and teach you how to live the life you want.